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Dwight Wise

Elder of Worship & Ministries

I grew up in a christian home, my father being a Pastor, where I expressed faith in Jesus Christ at the age of 7. Growth in Christ was not always visible to some, nor consistent until I went to Bible College, but God's faithfulness was never doubted. I married Rita (Paswaters) in 1983, and together we have five daughters, five sons-in-law and 14 grandchildren. I graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny IA and continued my education at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando FL. I served as an associate Pastor to teens and adults for four years in Phoenix, AZ. Later, I served for 10 years in Orlando, FL as a Youth Pastor and an Associate Pastor. In addition, I served as a Pastor for 10 years in Madison WI before helping establish Redeemer Bible Fellowship in 2008.

Jeff Greiveldinger

Elder of Administration & Mens/Womens Ministries

I became a Christian as an adult (29 years old), largely thanks to a coworker and our daily discussions on Creationism and the Bible. I immediately knew I needed to become invested in God's church and his people. This began slowly at first, really just by attending my wife's family church regularly, though I continued to have daily discussions at work. After being let go by my employer, I endeavored to serve in our church. However, the Lord brought my family and me to Madison shortly afterward. After struggling in our new church, we decided to investigate other churches and began attending a Baptist church. There my wife and I were baptized and began to grow. Along with the Wises and Roths we founded RBF in 2008 where I server as Elder overseeing Administration and Outreach.

I have been married to Jennifer (Wichman) since 1995 and am the father of 3 beautiful daughters: Savannah, Lilyan and Rebekah. I graduated from the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and work at Epic in Verona, WI.

Bill Roth

Elder of Adult Education & Fellowship

I have been married to Lisa (Anderson) since 1989 and am the father of nine children: five boys and four girls. By God's grace, I experienced conversion in 1991. I support my family by means of God-given skills, applied to my trade as a civil engineer. I have been with RBF since its founding in 2008. I am fully persuaded that salvation is solely a work of God, applied graciously through the faith given by God's Holy Spirit. This teaching is sometimes called "Calvinism," or "the Doctrines of Grace." Another central truth is that Redemptive History culminates, finding its rest and fulfillment, in Jesus Christ. In this fallen world, all believers have an earnest of the full blessing, that will ultimately be enjoyed in heaven, through the individual and corporate ministry of God's Holy Spirit under the New Covenant.

Kody Ashbeck

Elder of Youth Education & Outreach